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New insecticide from Syngenta does more for less

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A new soil-applied insecticide from Syngenta  looks set to change the way vegetables are grown in Australia. It will slash pesticide usage and associated exposure for farm workers, consumers and the environment.

Durivo insecticide protects vegetable crops against grubs, aphids, thrips and other pests in early season vegetable crops.

Travis Talbot, who hosted a pre-registration trial last summer, estimates Durivo insecticide will cut up to five foliar insecticide applications from his spraying program.

“The first four weeks were fantastic – it kept Diamondback Moth, Cabbage Moth and other major pests at bay in cauliflowers for nearly a month,” he says.

“To have residual control for 40 per cent of the growing period is fantastic.

“Those first four weeks are after transplanting are vital in getting the crop established.”

With his brother, Wayne, and parents, Rob and Kerrie, Travis grows cauliflowers, cabbages and lettuce on the family’s 40 hectare property south-east of Melbourne.

Seedlings were treated with just 0.03mL of Durivo insecticide per plant before delivery from leading plant raiser, Boomaroo Nurseries.

Travis says Durivo insecticide offers many benefits above and beyond its insecticidal properties.

“The plants actually looked a lot healthier in the ground and there wasn’t any damage to the leaves,” Travis says.

“Cutting out those four to five sprayings saved us plenty of time.

“In a four acre block, that’s a saving of 10 to 15 hours of labour and tractor time alone.

“We were also able to water our crops pretty much straight away, instead of having to wait for the sprays to dry.

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