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Syngenta announces major global investment in its Amistar fungicides

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article image Richard Parker, Syngenta Marketing Manager says that production investment will help make the fungicide more accesible to farmers

15 years after its introduction, Syngenta has announced its plans to significantly increase global production and distribution of the innovative fungicide Amistar.  

The Amistar fungicide has Azoxystrobin as its active ingredient, and has proved very popular in the fungicide market of 80 countries across 120 crops. 

John Atkin, Syngenta’s Global Chief Operating Officer, says that these plans for increased production will help to satisfy future international food demands.  

Mr Atkin says, “The outlook for the development of our own portfolio is strong and in terms of azoxystrobin we intend to further leverage our highly efficient global production capabilities.”  

Richard Packard, Syngenta Marketing Manager for Potatoes explains that this investment will help to make the  fungicide even more accessible to farmers.  

Mr Parker says “A bonus for growers is that with Syngenta increasing its manufacturing capabilities it has been able to reposition the product to make it more affordable, delivering a greater return on investment to farmers.”  

Richard explains that not only will Syngenta continue to support and invest in Amistar’s active fungicidal ingredient through label extensions, registrations and technical support, but it is also set to further develop applications for both existing and new crops.  

He continues, “In Australia we currently have 12 label extensions across 15 crops in the registration process for Amistar 250SC – further proof of just how valuable a product Amistar has been since it was introduced to the marketplace 15 years ago,”  

As with any fungicide, the management of resistance is also critical in ensuring its ongoing performance in the field.  

Syngenta is continuing to champion application stewardship in this area, with structured disease control programs as well as the introduction of new products and innovations such as the development of Amistar Top for tomatoes and potatoes.

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