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Syngenta connections program launches first project on wateruse efficiency in rice

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Syngenta today launched its first Connections program aimed at helping ricegrowers in North India farm more sustainable by providing skills and tools to use water more efficiently. The project will simultaneously enhance the knowledge and skills of selected Australian agricultural university students, who will work with Syngenta to implement training and demonstrations for these farmers.

Indian farmers will be taught by these students to use techniques such as panpipes in combination with an alternate wetting and drying (AWD) technique, developed by the International Rice Research Institute in order to farm more sustainable crops of rice. Panpipes and an AWD enables growers to determine when it is necessary to irrigate, and consequently reduce their overall level of water use while improving their farming efficiency and sustainability.

“This is a mutually beneficial platform where the farmers learn sustainable farming techniques and the students have an opportunity to experience a different farming system. Through our Connections program, Syngenta aims to identify and develop platforms that support the exchange of skills and knowledge between different groups within agriculture,” says Andrew McConville, Head of Corporate Affairs, Syngenta Asia Pacific.

Syngenta will continue to select students from various Universities to participate in this project. These students, who will be partially self-sponsored, will first undergo training by Syngenta and other relevant industry experts before spending about 10 days in India training local growers.

The first of its kind, the Syngenta Connections program seeks to link organisations, institutions and growers to increase access to technology for growers, improve the sustainability of agriculture practices and enhance knowledge for other key industry stakeholders.

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