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Syngenta’s Amistar Xtra – The Barley Specialist

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article image Syngenta’s Amistar Xtra provides persistent disease protection and rapid curative activity

Amistar Xtra from Syngenta is a world leading broad spectrum cereal fungicide providing persistent disease protection and rapid curative activity. Applied to key yield determining leaves, AMISTAR XTRA keeps crops greener for longer and improves photosynthetic efficiency therefore maximising yield potential and grain quality.

Super Protectant and Rapid Curative Activity AMISTAR XTRA contains two active ingredients, which have different modes of action. It contains 200 g/L of azoxystrobin which is classified as a Group K for resistance management and 80 g/L of cyproconazole which is a member of the DMI group of fungicides and is classified as a Group C for resistance management.


AMISTAR XTRA provides premium protection against major foliar diseases in wheat and barley, including leaf rust, net blotch, stripe rust, yellow spot and powdery mildew. Barley Leaf rust Australian trials along with grower use have shown AMISTAR XTRA provides superior control of Barley leaf rust compared to other fungicides registered for this disease in Australia.

In high yielding areas the best results have been achieved when AMISTAR XTRA has been applied twice. The first application being made at GS 30 - 33 followed by a second application at GS 39 - 49. In areas of moderate yield potential growers have achieved excellent results in controlling barley leaf rust by making an initial application of TILT XTRA at GS 30 – 33 followed by an application of AMISTAR XTRA at GS 39 – 49.

Net Blotch

Net blotch, be it the more aggressive net form or the more commonly found spot form, have been found to be consistently controlled better with applications of AMISTAR XTRA than with other cereals fungicides registered for their control.

In situations where disease pressure and crop yield potential is high, the best disease control has been achieved applying 400 mL/ha of AMISTAR XTRA or 500 mL/ha of TILT XTRA at GS 31-32, followed by an additional application of 400 mL/ha of Amistar at GS 39-49. This approach ensures that all of the key yield determining parts of the plant are protected.

In lower disease pressure and yield potential situations a single application of 400 mL/ha of AMISTAR XTRA at GS 33-37, has provided excellent control of net blotch. Areas treated with AMISTAR XTRA have also demonstrated significant yield increases over areas treated with other cereal fungicides registered for the control of net blotch.

Additional Grain Quality

Apart from AMISTAR XTRA’s fungicidal benefits it provides some very important physiological benefits to the crop. AMISTAR XTRA has been shown to improve nitrogen uptake and use, improve water use efficiency, and will delay senescence. In situations where the environmental conditions allow, this results in leaves staying greener for longer, improved photosynthetic efficiency which leads to improved yield and grain quality.

Additional Guidelines

AMISTAR XTRA should be used as a protective fungicide, applied prior to disease development. AMISTAR XTRA can be applied by ground rig or plane at 400 – 800 mL/ha. For ground rig applications use a spray volume of 50 – 100 L/ha with a fine to medium droplet size to ensure complete coverage of all leaves and stem. For aerial applications use 20 - 30 L/ha.

AMISTAR XTRA is rainfast in two hours. AMISTAR XTRA has been tested and is physically compatible with a range of insecticides and herbicides including KARATE® ZEON, TOPIK®, LOGRAN® and MCPA LVE.

Always consult the product label prior to use.

For further information please call the Syngenta Technical Product Advice Line on 1800 067 108 or visit our website at www.syngenta.com.au.

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