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T-Tape agronomic solutions from T-Systems Australia

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T-Systems Australia  provide complete agronomic solutions with T-Tape Total, CropSense Soil Moisture Monitoring, CropSense Crop Nutrition and CropSense Fertigation. These solutions improve the ability to manage crops remotely, enhancing consistency, yield and quality.

The patented T-Tape drip irrigation tape, CropSense Moisture Management and Nutrition technologies from T-Systems Australia provide quality and profitable yields for customers. The CropSense Soil Moisture Monitoring (SMM) can optimise water usage. Air and water is balanced in the crop root system and the availability of water defined in each crop stage is essential for plant health and optimal crop production.

T-Systems Australia use probes with capacitance sensors in CropSense Soil Moisture Monitoring. These sensors can be placed just below the root systems. Data regarding irrigation dynamics can be generated from these probes. It can later be calibrated and graphed with measurement tools for optimal water management.

CropSense Crop Nutrition analysis from T-Systems Australia nourishes crops for optimal growth and production. Crop Nutrition analysis can be used as a stand-alone tool for growers. T-Systems Australia recommends an integrated Soil Moisture Monitoring and Nutrition analysis system to deliver water and water-soluble nutrients that can be managed together.

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