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T-Tape drip tape solutions from T-Systems Australia

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T-Systems Australia  provides well-engineered and custom-designed T-Tape sets, suitable for use with irrigation drip tapes. There are different models of T-Tape sets available for customers for choose from based their requirements and specific needs.

T-Tapes are manufactured using durable products that can deliver uniform wetting pattern throughout the field. T-Tapes from T-Systems Australia include a white stripe that indicates the right side up. T-Tapes are easy to install and user friendly in operation. They can be integrated with T-Tape branded components and other compatible fittings and accessories to generate a complete drip tape irrigation system.

Every T-Tape product, provided by T-Systems Australia is backed by T-Systems with professional experts to provide technical services. The different models are T-Tape 300 model, T-Tape 500 model, T-Tape 700 model, T-Tape 900 model and T-Tape 1100 model. Every model features a slit outlet that can opened when the system is pressurised and can be closed when the water is turned off.

The T-Tape 300 model is designed for short row field applications like greenhouses, nurseries, vegetable and row crops. The T-Tape 500 model, provided by T-Systems Australia, is suitable for surface or sub-surface installations in crops like tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, melons and strawberries.

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