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T-Tape system products from T-Systems Australia

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T-Systems Australia  focuses on providing an integrated and customised solution with a wide range of T-Tape system products. T-Tape fittings, T-Tape PE Layflats, T-Tape valves and T-Tape vinyl layflat are a few T-Tape system products available. These products are designed using advanced software tools and databases.

Customers can find a wide range of T-Tape fittings at T-Systems Australia to suit various requirements. T-Tape fittings are developed to fix polyethylene and vinyl layflat products. It has an easy grip turning mechanism with bright colours for sealing technologies. It is suitable for drip irrigation systems.

T-Tape fittings from T-Systems Australia, can enhance the double-grip turning mechanisms, provide tight grip for superior seal, can give precise control line-by-line with unique valve models. It is stabilised with ultra violet rays and protects against weathering.

T-Tape PE Layflats from T-Systems Australia are designed with three layers of polyethylene yarn, and the unique Crocodile Drip Fittings that can be inserted easily and fast. It gives a tight seal and thus helps in preventing leaks. T-Tape PE Layflats are available in different models that differ in size, pressure and reel length and weight.

T-Tape Vinyl Layflat provided by T-Systems Australia can be used with T-Tape Drip Irrigation Tape and T-Tape Fittings as part of complete drip irrigation system. T-Tape Vinyl Layflat is a water discharge hose designed with balanced polyester yarn spiral wrap and homogeneous PVC tube.

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