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Tungsten granulated carbide coating from TACA Australia

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TACA Australia  provides tungsten granulated carbide coating of augers, spiral flighting, tillage points, wear strips and plates, adaptors and buckets. Tungsten is designed to protect workers dealing with machinery parts and various ground-engaging points.

TACA Australia products are specifically designed for customers’ from agriculture, earthmoving, mining and quarrying, screening and roadmaking, special purpose forestry, brickmaking, construction, industrial and ground engaging sectors. Tungsten wearfacing is the process of depositing various welding techniques.

Wearfacing from TACA Australia provides protection against abrasion, corrosion, impact, heat, friction and other wear factors. TACA Australia has also developed a machine with a unique process to weld and tungsten coat in one pass. During this process, tungsten deposits are applied to extend the life of wearing machinery parts. These wearfacing can be applied on rounded and rough surfaces.

TACA Australia specialises in the application of granulated tungsten to ground engaging machinery parts and general wearing parts in most industries. This welding process extends the life of major machinery parts by approximately five times their normal life. The process was tested extensively in the market place by TACA Australia, using farmers, shire councils and earthmovers to trial the product. The test proved to be beneficial for the machinery.

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