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Waste water management system from TEAM Irrigation

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TEAM Irrigation  provides suitable designs and solutions for wastewater reuse. The solutions are useful for customers involved in both private and government sectors. With a demand for water resources due to the drought conditions, it is necessary to plant a suitable wastewater reuse schemes.

TEAM Irrigation offers practical wastewater irrigation designs, pump stations, pipelines, irrigation systems and maintenance contracts by working in consultation with landholders and consulting engineers. TEAM Irrigation, along with the Greengrove Effluent Irrigation Facility from Dubbo City Council, ensures that the city's treated sewage is kept out of the nearby Macquarie River. Using Lindsay Zimmatic centre pivots, the the sewage is supplied to fodder crops. .

TEAM Irrigation is licensed with EPA, to release up to 15 per cent of the sewage into the river. The project, known as Greengrove Effluent Irrigation System Dubbo, turns the treated sewage into a valuable resource and helping conserve potable water.

In the Greengrove Effluent Irrigation System Dubbo project, TEAM Irrigation has installed seven Zimmatic centre pivots to irrigate more than 500 acres of crops with treated sewage. Prior to its entry into the irrigation system, the sewage treatment plant treats the sewage through screening, aerating, clarifying and disinfecting, and then stores it in two ponds.

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