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Solid fertilisers from TNN Industries

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TNN Industries  provides solid fertilisers such as Fused Calcium Magnesium Phosphate, TNN TraceLime and TNN Formula 1 Enriched Supreme, suitable for mechanical spreading on soil or with sowing equipment. TNN FF60 Phos Enhanced Soil Regenerator and TNN TraceLime are powdered products that can be used over cropping soils across Australia.

The TNN FF60 Phos Enhanced Soil Regenerator, provided by TNN Industries, is designed to meet the requirements of developing a steady foundation to suit the biological system of farming. This raises the quality of nutritional foods. Each TNN FF60 package contains ingredient that meets BFA criteria. These ingredients include biomass of micro organisms, brown coal fines, composted sterilised chicken manure, calcium, magnesium, fish components, fused phosphorous (stabilised), macerated cellulose, magnesite (paramagnetic material) and silica.

TNN TraceLime, provided by TNN Industries, includes a wide range of micro nutrients, that are slowly released through the homogenously incorporated lime. TNN Industries uses lime-based materials for the measurement of soil acidity and calcium requirements, suitable for crop cultivation and improvement of pastures and increased yield in crops. TNN TraceLime provides profitable yields for farmers. One tonne of TNN TraceLime can be used across a hectare. The variance can be calculated based on the soil type.

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