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Nutrient conductivity and temperature measurement instruments from TPS

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TPS  offers design and manufacturing services for a range of pH meters, nutrient conductivity meters, temperature measurement instruments and dissolved oxygen measurement instruments, suitable for distinct farm control and monitoring applications. With several years of experience in the electronic instrumentation and design industry, TPS offers reliable and efficient services to its clients with portable measurement and analysis needs. Through continuous research and development processes, TPS designs an innovative range of instruments and sensors. The electrochemical instruments and sensors supplied by TPS are available in a range of models and designs.

Farmers and rural agribusiness owners with process control and monitoring needs can benefit from the portable electronic equipment design and manufacturing services offered by TPS. The electronic measuring and monitoring tools designed by TPS are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. TPS uses advanced design and manufacturing techniques for manufacturing a range of efficient measuring and monitoring instruments.

Some of the nutrient, temperature and pH instruments manufactured by TPS include the Aqua-CP, WP-81, hydroCHEM-DS and hydroCHEM. The Aqua-CP range of temperature and pH measurement instruments from TPS is suitable for nurseries, hydroponics and environmental applications.

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