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Mowers and sprayers from TR & KR Shipton

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TR & KR Shipton  provides sales, supply and support services for a wide range of farm support equipment and machinery including tractors, mulchers, mowers, sprayers, slashers, loaders and bale wrappers. TR & KR Shipton sources its farm equipment and machinery from renowned manufacturers including Duncan, Silvan, Robertson, Conor, Jacobsen and Dalmore. The farm equipment and accessories supplied by TR & KR Shipton are available in a range of models and designs. The Gaspardo range of planters and mowers from TR & KR Shipton comes in durable deigns. TR & KR Shipton offers professional equipment support and maintenance services to its clients with material handling needs.

Farmers and grain growers with distinct agricultural process control and management needs can benefit from the farm equipment sales and support services offered by TR & KR Shipton. The Gaspardo range of mowers supplied by TR & KR Shipton can be used for grinding small and large seeds. The Gaspardo mowers are available with lighting kits, seed hopper level indicators, calibration control systems and stepless cam gear boxes.

The row direct drill range of planters distributed by TR & KR Shipton is available in linkage and trailed models. The planters come with single coulter pressure adjustment systems.

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