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General purpose data loggers from Tain Electronics

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Tain Electronics  manufactures GP - general purpose field data loggers designed for short or long term unattended data recording. With the general purpose data logger, information can be downloaded to a computer by connecting a USB cable or by removing the data cartridge.

Tain Electronics provides the GP logger in either 8 or 16 channel versions. It can also be optionally fitted with a solar panel. Customers can also use a wide range of sensors along with the GP logger. The general purpose data logger is designed to operate with a simple battery powered recording system. The system gives a range of signal input and scanning rate options for users to choose from. Signal inputs may be either in an analogue or digital format.

The input signal types and scanning requirements are stored in the data memory cartridge, this can also be transferred to a logger. In each general purpose data logger, results are stored in a non-volatile, detachable memory cartridge with an USB interface. The updates are transmitted directly to the GP-Logger through these cartridges.

The data can be transferred to a computer even when the memory cartridge and fitted to the logger. At the same time, these cartridges can be disconnected from the data logger and interrogated by the computer. Tain Electronics provides the GP Logger with a 12 volt battery, one 128K Byte memory cartridge and a USB cable.

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