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Sensor input cards from Tain Electronics

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Tain Electronics  manufactures a range of cost-effective, quality sensor input cards and data logging accessories for various monitoring requirements. These sensor input cards are designed to suit the GP Logger and the MP Logger from Tain Electronics.

The different types of sensors manufactured by Tain Electronics includes temperature (PTAT probe, plastic, sealed in vinyl cap), temperature (PTAT probe, mounted in pvc conduit, heavy cable) , thermistor (503ET-1) for subminiature (fast response), relative humidity, soil moisture for gypsum block (available in either 1 metre cable or 2 metres cable), water conductivity, leaf wetness, solar radiation (silicon cell pyranometer), pressure, differential not sealed, plain 5 millimetres tube ports and pressure with sealed submersible type. To use these sensors with the GP Logger or MP Logger, customers need to select one of the appropriate input card for that sensor.

Sensor input cards from Tain Electronics are used in GP Logger (and the older model MP Logger) to condition the outputs from the sensors. The different temperature input cards are available for PTAT, fast response thermistor and thermocouple. Tain Electronics also provides pressure input card, pulse counter (rain, wind speed) and solar radiation.

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