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Soil moisture loggers from Tain Electronics

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Tain Electronics  manufactures hand held soil moisture loggers suitable for the measurment of soil moisture from gypsum blocks. This soil moisture Logger helps in simplifying gypsum block reading taken directly from soil tension. Soil moisture monitoring and control is well established and plays an important role in wine grape production.

The soil moisture logger provided by Tain Electronics is economical, it provides a detailed monitoring at many points and throughout root zone depth. Soil moisture loggers are designed to be simple and safe to use. It can be installed at any depth, so as to monitor irrigation soil profile. With this soil moisture logger, customers can store up to 100 blocks of results for further analysis.

Customers can also read soil moisture tension directly on the 16-character liquid crystal display. Results can be downloaded to a computer for further analysis like producing metric graphs or moisture level over days, months or years.

Soil moisture loggers fabricated by Tain Electronics are flexible, as it has metres for calibration to read any gypsum block, including FFF, soil moisture corp and watermark. Apart from Soil moisture loggers, Tain Electronics designs and manufactures a wide range of dataloggers and sensors for primary and secondary schools and agricultural research.

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