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Female herds from Talooby Angus Stud

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There are over 350 cows at Talooby Angus Stud based on 15 family lines. These families are strong with healthy breeds of bulls and cows. Female herds from Talooby Angus Stud are culled consistently to be replaced by better performing progeny. Strong females at Talooby Angus Stud can live up to 20 years. Talooby Angus Stud females can grow healthy even during drought.

According to Talooby Angus Stud, fertility forms the keystone of all successful cattle breeding operations. Thus a solid cow foundation is necessary for bulls to rapidly pass on these traits. Every calve by the age of two must continue to do so each year throughout all seasonal conditions whilst displaying satisfactory growth and phenotype.

Talooby Angus Stud began using EBV packages since 1987 to balance its existing herd recording which commenced in 1964. The firm also sells annual EBV packages along with its bulls. Bulls from Talooby Angus Stud are designed to give to cover all aspects of the breeding system rather than single trait selection.

Today, Talooby Angus Stud stands with around 350 females, 200 APR, 120 Stud and 30 Reds and they are managed by Peter Grieve on behalf of the partners. Talooby Angus Stud was established by Peter Grieve in 1953.

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