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Environmentally friendly clean tank solutions

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Untreated stored water in Rainwater tanks & Greywater tanks may contain & rapidly breed human  harmful water bourne diseases, micro-organisims, bacteria & viruses.

Rainwater Tanks generally collect water from an ongoing source such as a roof or water catchment area. In doing so these collection areas are open not only to weather elements but also to faecal coliform contamination  derived from bird & animal droppings as well as atmospheric pollutants that emanate from organic matter.  TankPro oxidises these elements within the tank water, allowing safe sterile cross over & consumption.

Greywater Tanks are designed to collect used contaminated water from household sinks, showers & washing  machines. This type of recycled, stored water carries cross contaminates that if left untreated can cause serious illness.  Greywater must be treated to eliminate any bacteria & viruses. Greywater should never come into contact with children.  Hoses & irrigation linked to greywater tanks should be clearly marked to avoid serious cross contamination. 

Greywater is not designed for human consumption, however with the installation of the TankPro system greywater  can effectively provide a reusable, environmentally friendly, sustainable resource for plant life without the impact of  environmental pollutants seeping into waterways, impacting & destroying environmentally friendly resources.  TankPro eliminates viruses & bacteria , stopping the spread of pollutants into the environment.

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