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Slimline water tanks from Tankmasta

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Tankmasta  provides quality slimline water tanks with a 3000 litre capacity. These slimline tanks are designed for installations where width is of primary concern. Slimline water tanks are suitable for area where a narrow tank is required. The 3000 litres water tank is available with a standard RIO (reversible inlet/overflow) system and a 40 millimetres outlet at the base and a 25 millimetres bucket tap measuring 500 millimetres till the side wall.

The filtration systems of the slimline water tanks are equipped with RIO system that can provide multiple inlet option. RIO is also reversible, it can be adapted to downpipe configuration in regards to which way the collection enters and exits the tank.

Every tank fabricated by Tankmasta is fitted with a dual access hatch as standard. The dual access hatch offers flexibility in both the installation and maintenance required for the tank. At the installation stage the dual access hatch provides an alternative inlet overflow configuration by interchanging the basket filter.

Tankmasta also provides underground tanks like the patented 'Donut' and 'Bagel' Toroid underground tanks for effective water storage application. These tanks require a shallow excavation, measuring approximately 1.4 metres with a patented design offering a structural design capable of being installed under driveways.

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