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Urban and rural water tanks from Tankmasta

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Tankmasta  provides a quality range of rural and urban water tanks equipped with RIO or reversible inlet / overflow filtration system. These tanks are flexible in every aspect. Rural water tanks from Tankmasta are available in 20,000 litres to 45,000 litres capacity. Rural tanks are designed using the ADP ( angle dissemination pivot) self supporting roof system that gives a complete roof strength based on physics laws.

Tankmasta offers 7,500 litres to 15,000 litres capacity of urban water tanks. This series of T2 range is flexible in every aspect. The tank fittings of urban water tank is dual 300 millimetres access hatch, 40 millimetres brass outlet and 40 millimetres of isolation valve.

Customers can get 1,000 litres capacity of modular tank system as part of the T2 system. This modular tank, features with a simple interlock connection between tanks that gives safe and securely balanced water storage unit. Modular tank features with a 90 millimetres high level overflow, 40 millimetres brass outlet and a 40 millimetres isolation valve.

Each modular tank from Tankmasta is designed with a 300 milli metres basket filter. Tankmasta tanks are available in a range of environmentally matched colours like eucalypt, daintree, true blue, wattle, bondi and storm grey among others for customers to choose from.

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