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Tarndwarncoort Polwarths offers sheep with heavy-fleece wool

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Tarndwarncoort Polwarths  breeds sheep that produce high quality heavy-fleece wool. Polwarth ewes are known for their mothering ability with high level of milk production in future generations. Polwarth wool has high resistance to fleece-rot, repelling water and the tighter fleeces character makes the breed suitable for wetter areas. Polwarth can produce quality grade carcases.

Polwarth produces quality fleece wool, which is soft, well crimped, measures 24 micron with about 10-12 centimetres of staple. Under average conditions, fleece would measure about 23 micron, with a staple length of 100-120 millimetres. These are straight bodied sheep with wrinkles that reduces the potential for flystrike and fleece that is evenly spread across the body.

The Polwarth breed from Tarndwarncoort Polwarths can produce lean carcases. These animals do not run to fat and this makes them suitable for lamb and mutton trade where minimal fat is demanded by consumers. Polwarths can be mated throughout the year and at an early age, with minimum lambing problems. This increases the versatility and productivity to several commercial sheepman dealing with Polwarth breeds.

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