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Certified organic beef from Tartrus Brahman Stud

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Tartrus Brahman Stud  produces Australian certified organic beef. Brahmans from Tartrus Brahman Stud are resistant to tick and flies, easy to maintain and essential for organic beef production. Bloodline of Tartrus Brahman are developed focusing to the attributes necessary to encompass efficient production under organic systems and enhancement of beef eating quality.

Brahmans from Tartrus Brahman Stud have won many major prime cattle competitions, major carcase competitions and feedlot trials. Dams from Tartrus Brahman Stud have been bred and selected to rear a calf without assistance every year. As with sires, they have always been of above average weight gain. Tartrus Brahman is suitable for particular breeding programme.

Currently, Tartrus Brahman Stud has five centre pivots, watering a total of 630 acres. This does not include extra areas of irrigated pastures. Tartrus Brahman Stud system includes lateral move irrigation and 600 acres with flood irrigated and not protected by levy banks.

Tartrus Brahman Stud has a wide area for dryland cultivation for cropping wheat and sorghum. The ‘Tartrus type’ from Tartrus Brahman Stud can be accommodated easily with efficient grass finish. It also shines in feed, weight, conversion and yield when EU feedlots that is being used.

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