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Semen available from Tartrus Brahman Stud

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Tartrus Brahman Stud  provides quality semen packages for domestic and export markets. With over 49 years of experience in Brahman breeding, Tartrus Brahman Stud produces healthy semen. Currently, Tartrus Rembrant Manso 4382 sire provides semen available for domestic and export market. The Tartrus Rembrant Manso 4382 is owned in half shares by Tatrus and Cambil Brahman Studs. It can produce minimum of 20 straws.

Tartrus Aristotle Manso 5128 sire from Tartrus Brahman Stud can produce semen, with a breeding package of 20 straws. The KP Monty 153 sire from Tartrus Brahman Stud, won Beef Australia 2006 Grand Champion Brahman Bull. This KP Monty 153 is owned in half shares by Tartrus Brahmans and by KP Brahman Stud.

Tartrus Dams from Tartrus Brahman Stud have been bred and selected to rear a calf without assistance every year. All bulls at Tartrus Brahman Stud have been weight performance tested off grass since the beginning of the Tartrus Breeding Program. Sires used in Tartrus Brahman Stud herd have been of above average weight gain. Tartrus Brahman Stud has made several successful sales by selling various healthy sires. Customers can visit the official website to see the sales.

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