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Sires available for sale at Tartrus Brahman Stud

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Tartrus Brahman Stud  provides high quality, healthy sires for sale. The Tartrus Aristotle Manso 5128 (ET), Tartrus Rembrandt Manso 4382, JDH Mr Liberty Manso 166 (IMP), JDH Mr Liberty Manso 166 (IMP US) and Tartrus Abel Manso 4182 are currently available for sale at Tartrus Brahman Stud.

Tartrus Abel Manso 4182 from Tartrus Brahman Stud was born on November 20th 1998. It is horned and a grey coloured sire available for sale. Tartrus Brahman Stud is the third generation Polled Hereford breeder. These Brahmans have are highly adaptable to withstand the stress of the tropics.

Tartrus Brahman Stud introduced the first Brahman in 1958. Today, there are over 800 stud breeders along with 2000 commercial Brahman breeders. Tartrus Brahman Stud developed a programme that can monitor and overcome the undesirable Brahman traits.

This programme was successful with the analysis of weight performance testing in conjunction with DPI and fertility performance testing by a CSIRO-designed programme. Animals from Tartrus Brahman Stud have won several major carcase competitions, prime cattle competitions and feedlot trials. Tartrus Brahman Stud has made several successful sales by selling various healthy sires. Customers can visit the official website to see the sales.

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