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Mulch products from Willmott Timbers

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The Ultra-Life range of products from Willmott Timbers  is available in varied sizes ranging from 112 millimetres to 180 millimetre strainer posts. The Ultra-life product from Willmott Timbers is backed by Osmose that has 50 year treatment guarantee. Willmott Timbers suggest customers to install posts with the help of professional fencing contractors.

The mulch product from Willmott Timbers includes variety such as drought mulch, playground mulch and fresh pine mulch. The drought mulch from Willmott Timbers is designed in such a way that allows water penetration and also helps to keep the soil at the bottom to be cool. The drought mulch provided by Willmott Timbers is well suited for designer garden.

The playground mulch can be used as a soft fall material that is well suited for all kinds of playground. The playground mulch softens playground spills and at the same time sees to that the environment is not damaged. The playground mulch from Willmott Timbers is tested and certified to comply with Australian standards, is a renewable resource and so on.

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