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Estate planning services from Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees

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Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees  provides reliable estate planning services with several significant advantages. Customers can use the services to protect their loved ones by documenting a will that explains the distribution and management or their assets and estate, in the event of death.

The estate planning services include resolution of long legal disputes, friction between family members and potential loss of benefits. Estate planning professionals, from Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees, can provide a unique estate planning checklist and advice, tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Estate planning professionals, from Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees, help customers in maximising their estate value for their beneficiaries’ inheritance. Approximately, a consultation would take an hour. Estate planning services also include the preparation of an enduring power of attorney, when required. According to the law, a person must have testamentary capacity to make a valid will.

Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees has over 100 employees and consultants, located in nine branches and offices in major centres across Tasmania. Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees offers a range of managed investment funds and specialises in cash and mortgage funds.

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