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Breeding principles followed at Te Mania Angus

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Te Mania Angus  focuses on breeding principles that improve the profitability of cattle businesses at various levels, associated with beef products containing Te Mania Angus genetics. This is achieved by producing fertile cattle with high growth rates, good quality carcase and fertility attributes.

Breeding cattle at Te Mania Angus are selected based on the available traits as a resource to select its genetic traits. Recently, it is noticed that Te Mania Angus emphasis on the carcase traits to provide a better product for the end consumers. Cows and bulls at Te Mania Angus are found with required carcase attributes, such as high marbling, eye muscle area and retail beef yield.

Te Mania Angus monitors the fertility traits and its improvement. Cows that can produce a live calf to weaning are retained and this ensures that fertility is self correcting. Fertility in a cow herd is one of the most important factors in contributing to the numbers of kilo grams of beef per hectare therefore the scrotal size plays an important role in increasing the profitability. For years, Te Mania Angus focuses in emphasising the growth rate, and has seen huge advances in that area.

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