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Bull management system at Te Mania Angus

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Te Mania Angus  offers bull management for all young bulls who require enough feed to maintain their growth pattern and have the ability to settle cows quickly and efficiently. Bulls from Te Mania Angus are handled by stockmen on motorbikes and with dogs.

When customers buy bull from Te Mania Angus, it is recommended to keep the bull in mob, if not customers need to unload the bull and ensure he is accompanied by a steer or cow. Bulls need to be handled with respect and kindness. Regarding the ratio of bull and cow, a rising 2 year old bull should handle 40 empty cows on his own. Where as an older bull can probably handle slightly more. Poor nutrition or lameness will cause low quality semen in the future.

Te Mania Angus recommends customers to vaccinate their bulls with a 7 in 1 vaccination annually, 2 to 4 weeks before joining. Calves from Te Mania Angus were vaccinated twice as weaners, in January and February 2006, and were given their annual booster in March 2007.

The Vibriosis vaccination is also recommended, as Vibriosis is a common cause of infertility and is transmitted by bulls from one female to another. Vibriosis is easily prevented by vaccination. A bull is most likely to develop a condition or injury that causes infertility.

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