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Group Breedplan followed at Te Mania Angus

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Te Mania Angus  follows an advanced genetic evaluation system as part of its breedplan. This provides a genetic description of the Angus cattle with regards to a large range of traits influencing fertility, growth and carcase performance.

Estimated breeding values (EBVs) are expressed in the units of measurement for each particular trait. It is shown in both positive and negative values. An average estimated breeding values (EBVs) differs for different traits as the breed makes genetic progress.

Customers can visit the official website of Te Mania Angus has displayed the averages for calves born in 2002 in the catalogue page. This accuracy percentage provides an indication of the reliability of an EBV. The higher the accuracy is, the less chance the figure for each EBV will differ.

The calving ease daughter percentage represents the amount of calving ease from a particular bull’s daughters. A positive value is always beneficial. For a gestation length in days is better as it gives time for the cow to get back in calf. In this case a negative value is considered to be better.

Birth weight that is normally measured in kilo gram gives an indication about the calves of a particular animal could weigh at birth. This needs to be monitored. A 200 days weight, 400 days weight and a 600 days weight estimate the genetic difference among the animals. A positive value for these growth figures is considered to be better. The other factors considered in breed plan are mature cow weight, milk, scrotal size, days of calving, carcase weight, rib and rump fat and eye muscle area.

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