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Domestic filtration systems available from Ted Finchett Plumbing

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Ted Finchett Plumbing  supplies an economical standard range of quality filtration systems, suitable for various domestic and office applications. The filtration systems provided by Ted Finchett Plumbing are manufactured by IBC water.

The CTMD-system is a counter top filter, specifically designed with sturdy polypropylene, incorporating the top seal ‘o’ ring feature and IBC clear-Flo carbon filters. This system is compact, lightweight and portable. The CPS2-deluxe is an undersink filtration unit, which has twin housings mounted on a bracket. This system also includes filter cartridges and sediment and carbon blocks.

The CPS2-deluxe utilises a dual action carbon block filtration procedure that can remove chemicals in drinking water. Ted Finchett Plumbing provides the CPS2-standard filtration unit, effective in removing bitter tastes, chlorine, sediments and discolouration from the water supply.

The IBC-Ro-US filtration unit, supplied by Ted Finchett Plumbing, is permanently fixed under the sink pressure system and is connected to a sink mounted faucet. The IBC-Ro-US filtration unit works with a pre-filtration technique that can remove suspended matter and protect the RO membrane from damage.

Ted Finchett Plumbing also provides the Merlin filtration unit, a permanently fixed system that reduces water contaminations and other volatile compounds. It does not require a power supply to function. Water gets purified when the faucet is operated. It is ideal for use in coffee machines, ice makers and dishwashers.

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