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Advantages of direct chemical injection system components

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Within TeeJet’s direct chemical injection systems, the main carrier tank is loaded with clean water, not mixed chemicals. Concentrated chemical is accurately injected and mixed just prior to being sprayed out of the boom. Reduced operator exposure to chemical concentrates along with no pre-mixing of chemicals in the main carrier tank. The direct chemical injection system leaves no leftover mixed product at the end of the field to dispose of.

Unused concentrated chemical remains safe and secure in a dedicated holding tank. The operator using the direct chemical injection system can quickly change from one chemical product to another without cleaning and rinsing the main carrier tank. Chemical application rates can be adjusted by varying the concentration of chemical injected into the carrier.

Features of direct chemical injection systems:

  • Extremely wide flow range of 6 - 10,350 ml/min.
  • Innovative five roller design for more uniform product flow.
  • Quick release clamp for simple release of tension on pump tubes.
  • Easy-access cover makes tube inspection and maintenance a snap.
  • Quick release connections on tubes make changes quick and simple.
  • Optional calibration valve can be mounted directly to the pump providing a compact package that is easy to mount.
  • Optional Reverse Prime feature allows the recovery of unused chemical concentrate from the injection lines at the end of the job.

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