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Grain Loss Monitoring Equipment

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Using optimized sensors developed with 25 years of grain loss experience, almost any combine harvester can be fitted with a grain loss system.

The sieve sensor measures the amount of grain lost from the sieves, thus indicating that adjusments need to be made to the fan speed or to the overall throughput of the machine. For example, the straw walker sensors measure the loss from the straw walkers (the bottleneck of combine throughput) and indicate that the straw walkers cannot keep up. In this instance, the operator should slow down.

Combining the inputs (loss/no loss) from the sensors fitted at the sieves and the straw walkers can be utilized to increase combine harvester performance. The sensitivity for each sensor can easily be set to allow for different grain sizes.        

TeeJet LH 500 Tractor Monitor      

Fitting the grain loss monitor from TeeJet  is a simple ‘plug and play’ exercise. Simply fasten the monitor and connect the plug.

The 62 x 62 mm graphic display provides logical and easy to understand icons. This combined with clear text makes operating the monitor and keeping job notes simple.

You can select an automatic or manual mode for the area override switch from either the 3-point linkage or the PTO engagement switch. You cannot, however connect the monitor to any sensors located outside the tractor.

Features of the grain loss monitoring equipment:

  • Forward speed (Km/h).
  • Area measure (worked part area).
  • Area measure (worked grand total).
  • PTO shaft rev. speed PTO shaft rev. speed travelled distance (meters).
  • Work time (total or active hours) area remaining.
  • Warnings related to speed, worked area, and area remaining.
  • Effective work width compensation.
  • Work efficiency (Ha/hour).
  • 10 ‘job memory’ (notebook).
  • Selectable auto or manual override signal.
  • All features available simultaneously.
  • Automatic speed sensor calibration.
  • Built in system test.

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