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Sprayer control units from TeeJet Australasia

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TeeJet Australasia  provides effective sprayer electronic control systems designed for accurate application of fertiliser and crop protection materials. Customers can find different types of sprayer control unit to suit various requirements in agricultural and industrial sectors.
The 854 sprayer control model, provided by TeeJet Australasia, is flexible and simple to operate. It is designed with sealed switches and a non-volatile memory mean dependability. Its front panel has clear instructions for operators. The 854 sprayer control helps in saving summary reports on up to 10 job profiles.
The auto-master in 854 sprayer control model can be automatically set with a switch boom section at predetermined speeds. This sprayer model has a dual boom capacity and smart sensing that can automatically select pressure and flow sensors for the particular application. 

TeeJet Australasia also provides an 834 sprayer model that is designed to be convenient and is completely automatic with simple programming, as it needs only five values. It is ideal for those who need an accurate computerised rate control without the complexity of more sophisticated systems. It is compact in size for easy mounting. Its manual mode is available for various special applications.

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