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Tractor GPS guidance from TeeJet

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Advanced Guidance and Automatic Boom Section Control from TeeJet Australasia improves the way you work and puts money on your bottom line.CenterLine 230BP combines effective GPS guidance with automatic boom section control. Guidance modes include parallel, curved AB and headland modes. Setup is quick and easy, and the overhead map view is simple and intuitive. 

Automatic boom section control uses your GPS location and a record of sprayed area to automatically switch off any sprayer boom sections that overlap a previously applied area. This capability is very useful on point rows, in situations where swaths are curved, and even at the end of each pass. Reducing overlap saves material inputs, crop stress, fuel, time and operator stress.

Automatic boom section control capability is built into the console. Simply connect the appropriate SmartCable to interface with your existing spray rate controller. CenterLine 230BP is compatible with most rate controllers, and installation is quick and easy. 

  • GPS guidance in Parallel, Curved AB and Headland modes  
  • Guidance information shown on numerical data page and intuitive map page
  • Simple, intuitive operation with icon-based setup screens
  • Automatic boom section control for up to 15 boom sections
  • Saves money and time by using GPS to automatically control boom section off-on status
  • High-quality internal GPS engine with small external antenna
  • Compatible with FieldPilot automated steering systems
  • Return to point feature
  • Applied area counter

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