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Property development services from Telfords Building Systems

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Customers can purchase lands, sheds and land packages from the two main building estates provided by Telfords Building Systems , as part of its property development services. The Lions Park Industrial Estate in based Queensland and the Telford Drive estate is located in Victoria.

The Telford Drive estate in Victoria is a new industrial estate that provides area measuring from 2010 metres square to 5306 metres square. The boundary measurements are approximate. The Lions Park Industrial Estate from Telfords Building Systems is also a new industrial estate situated in halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

The Lions Park Industrial Estate is ready for development. It is also suitable for customers who require a large area with an easy access to major highways. Customers can choose from the range of size starting from 2079 metres to 23,826 metres. Telfords Building Systems provides quality and reliable advice regarding all matters from building design, planning, building approval and construction. Telfords Building Systems ensures its product quality.

The total control process of Telfords Building Systems ensures in giving products to match customer’s requirements. It provides from a modern industrial plant, farm or storage shed, or domestic garage with highly functional building that can improve customer’s productivity and reputation.

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