DIY Termite Traps from Termite Trap

Inspection hole is termites
Inspection hole is termites
Inspection hole is termites Inspection hole blocked, Time to begin baiting Bait is added to the top of the trap Ion Staunton, inventor and author with his free How-To-Guide

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Termite Traps, Termite Treatment Packs

Termite Trap's termite prevention system has been proven as a cost effective method of eliminating termite nests on your property. 

Completely DIY for your convenience Termite Trap helps you carry out the job effectively and safely by:
  • Killing termites in your buildings, mounds and trees
  • Long term trapping of termites before they find your structures
  • Free Identification and Advice Service
You can now defend your home and buildings with the Termite Trap products and free advice.

Kill the entire colony
All your hard work is wasted without killing the heart of the colony. Termite Trap's free Identification and Advice Service will teach you how to kill termite colonies and intercept infiltration from the same or another direction again.

High performance professional grade bait for effective results
  • The only Government approved colony killing bait available to home owners
  • 100% non-toxic to your family, pets and wildlife for safety
  • Termites self destruct by taking the mixture back to the nest and infecting their core
  • Multiple dose treatment packs are sufficient to kill a larger colony or a number of small colonies
Defending against future termite attack
  • Fast and effective10 minute job that keeps working for decades
  • Simple to maintain. Spread the traps around your buildings and check them once every 3 months
  • Effectively provides termites scouts with something easy to find while they are still outside
  • If or when attack is noticed, just add the bait and help them self-destruct
Patented Australian intelligence, Termite Trap DIY Colony Killing System was designed specially for homeowner use by the author of 3 text books used in training pest professionals.

Helping you control termites quickly, Termite Trap is Australian made and sent by mail order to your door by Australian Post. Quality reassured Termite Trap is backed with a money back guarantee.

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