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Homeowners and termite control

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Until recently, termite control was something only licensed pest technicians could do. Now , with the Termite Trap , ordinary homeowners can take on this job successfully.

Although an insect growth regulator (IGR) which is suitable for termite control and poses no hazards to humans or animals has been in use for more than a decade, its use had always been restricted to professionals.

Ion Staunton, a textbook writer and former secretary of the national pest managers association, changed all that.

He reckoned he could make a combination monitoring and treatment device into which termites would be attracted so they could be baited using the safe, new IGR which the worker termites would take back to kill off the colony.

After a couple of prototypes, he simplified it into a monitor to be placed in gardens. In the top of the internal cardboard cartridge used as an enticement, his design included a hole visible through the clear cap. The instinct for security would force the pests to reveal their arrival when they instinctively filled this hole with their normal ‘mud’ mixture.

Apart from letting light down into the hole, the clear cap would also allow a passing homeowner to notice the blocked hole at a glance. The ‘mud’ is the signal the termites have arrived and are ready to be fed with the bait. The system is simple and works by using pests’ instincts against them.

Staunton patented the window/hole combination and then set about registering the bait without any restrictive wording. This bait is the first in the world to be offered to any and everyone. Anybody with a DIY attitude can use it and even some professionals buy it because it is packed in convenient feeders.

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