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Pensioner beats termites and saves money with DIY termite control and TermiteTrap monitors

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Julie Marshall, a pensioner living in Perth found an effective termite control solution with some help from Termite Trap .  

When Julie found termites in the window frame of her laundry before they had done much damage, she first called a local pest man who presented a quote for a comprehensive termite treatment solution, which included attaching ‘lunch boxes’ as bait to the termite-ridden frames, installing termite monitors around the house as well as drilling holes in the paths and driveway to pressure treat residual insecticides to renew the barriers.   

Being on a part pension, Julie could not afford the $4000 quote. A friend showed her an article about DIY termite control in a recent edition of ‘My Block’.  

After reading up on termites online and checking other websites, Julie spoke with Caroline at the Termite Trap.  

Caroline explained to Julie how she could make her own ‘lunch boxes’ using aluminium cooking foil and sticky tape to make pouches of bait to feed the termites in the window and door frames. She was also told how to easily set up her own monitors to check for outdoor termite action before any new colonies could find a way into the house.  

Julie was able to implement the termite control solution herself with help from Termite Trap’s Termite How-to-Guide. After checking and replenishing the bait a few times over a period of about six weeks, she was able to make sure that the termites had been completely eliminated from her home.   

She also put in the monitors, also called TermiteTraps that would indicate to her of the development of new termite colonies.  

She was also able to replace the damaged framing timbers with help from her son and plans to do a semi-annual inspection of all the internal skirting boards, architraves and window frames to keep the termite threat away permanently.    

The entire anti termite treatment cost a fraction of the original quote given by the pest control person.

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