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Termite Trap explains the DIY steps to effective termite control.

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Termite Trap  explains DIY termite baiting for homeowners.  DIY termite baiting is the most effective and cheapest  way of killing termite colonies.  Termite bait is no longer restricted to pest professionals; home and business owners can buy it online or over the phone.

Termite baiting gives consistent and reliable results that really work and this is why professionals have been using it since the early 2000s.

Australia's most widespread and damaging termites, Coptotermes acinaciformis and Schedorhinotermes Spp, are especially susceptible to baiting, using the safe anti-moulting chemical in a cellulose base. 

For these two most threatening, house eating termites, the most cost efficient method is to bait them.  If timbers are already under attack termite bait can be added directly to the affected timbers.  

Termite bait can also be used as a preventative measure in combination with termite monitors installed in garden areas around buildings.  Bait should be added to the monitors as soon as they come under attack.   

Baiting is not a suitable solution for the Giant Northern termite, however these can be effectively treated by applying fipronil as a water based solution into their galleries.

The majority of other subterranean termite species prefer leaf litter, grass and rotting wood.  They generally build mounds that are easy to spot and can be destroyed by breaking them apart using a crowbar or pick, so with diligence they should never become a threat.  

In order to keep structures free from termite attack it is essential to inspect them for termites twice a year.  Every termite horror story occurs because termites found a way across a termite barrier or the barrier has become degraded. Therefore regular inspection, monitoring and baiting is the DIY termite control answer for non-professionals.  

Business and home owners can easily learn how to inspect their structures as thoroughly as many pest professionals and implement pest control measures.  

Termite Trap is happy to supply further information and talk business and home owners through the steps.  Contact Termite Trap via email or phone for further information on termite control and extermination.

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