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Termite Trap termite monitor redesigned for more effective DIY termite control

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article image It is time to add fresh bait when the open hole here is blocked with mud
Ion Staunton, the entomologist who designed the DIY Termite Trap has built on the original version to present a more effective termite monitoring system for greater value and ease of use. The original TermiteTrap system continues to protect thousands of Australian homes even today. 
Basing his new design on the reasoning that termites still find their food above ground level, Ion has introduced the new DIY TermiteTrap termite monitors to deliver several benefits to the user including easy installation, inspection and bait addition as well as simple maintenance and long-term protection. 
Property owners can now get 22 traps in a single carton to help them protect the entire area. A higher number of traps ensure greater coverage and protection to the property.
Delivering superior value for money, ease of use and long-term protection, DIY TermiteTrap termite monitors consist of UV-resistant plastic bricks with timber inside, which can be replaced with fresh timber after successful baiting. Termite problems can be managed efficiently using monitors and baits, and through regular inspection of the home and property.
Key benefits of new DIY TermiteTrap termite monitors:
  • Simple installation involving spreading the traps around on the ground
  • Traps can be placed over gaps in pavers, expansion joints or on soil
  • Easy inspection requiring a visual check of the signal hole in the lid
  • Adding bait does not require the trap to be opened
  • Traps can be cleaned out and reset following successful baiting
  • Low cost termite traps

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