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Termite workers prefer to do it easy

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Termite scouts are always snooping about. The major termites nest below ground level and come up to eat any timber they can find — firewood, posts, bits of wood you think might come in handy one day. Or your house! All above ground level.

Ion Staunton, the inventor of the first DIY system for homeowner use, has reinvented the Termite Trap so that instead of having to dig it into soil, it now sits ON the surface where it is easy to find. Just like they find the bits of timber you keep until they come in handy

Termites follow their instincts (and their noses) to find timber above ground so, Ion designed these Traps containing Tassie oak timber to be placed ON the garden, over the cracks in pavers, over expansion joints in sheds or on the paths that go around a house. Digging is a thing of the past and they cost much less. This means any structure can be surrounded by the 22 Traps in a carton and surely at least one of them can be found by a scout from any nearby nest before they find a way into the building. And, one is enough.

Once the open signal hole is closed by termites in making a “Brick” their own, it is a simple matter to add a bait tub to the top of that Brick. They take it back to their nest where it kills the whole colony. The bait is an insect development inhibitor that stops them producing their outer shell. It is safe for humans, pets and wildlife because we don’t have a shell.

With 22 Termite Traps to put around your property it shouldn’t be long before at least one of them is found by scouts from a nearby threatening colony.

Monitoring, baiting and regular inspection (just in case) is what the good professionals do. Homeowners can now do all these jobs themselves at a fraction of the professional price, especially if they get a free copy of Ion’s Termite How-to-Guide.

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