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Breeding programmes from Terraweena Boer Goat Stud

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Terraweena Boer Goat Stud  is a part of Australian Breeding Services (ABS). Australian Breeding Services was established in 1988. The main aim of Australian Breeding Services (ABS) was to introduce Boer goats all over the world. Terraweena, the home property of Australian Breeding Services (ABS), is a located in a hilly region which is 30 kilometres south of Toowoomba, Queensland.

Terraweena Boer Goat Stud holds years of experience in the field of transferring genetics. Terraweena Boer Goat Stud also concentrates on establishing breeding centres in a number of regions and under different environmental and climatic conditions. The Terraweena goat has established the foundation of the Australian Boer goat industry in 1995.

The Boer goats of Terraweena Boer Goat Stud have a unique collection of embryos from Africa that include genetics from the studs of P W Henderson, T S Botha, H B Groenwald, P B Botha and D Pascall. During the quarantine years, Terraweena Boer Goat Stud imposed strict breeding and selection procedures. As per quarantine regulations, a certain number of progeny had to be bred from each and every animal. The selection and culling processes, undertaken by Terraweena Boer Goat Stud, are of a higher level than the ones that were followed traditionally.

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