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Selection and culling processes from Terraweena Boer Goat Stud

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Terraweena Boer Goat Stud , during its selection and culling process, completely neglects animals with undesirable traits like poor pigmentation and unsound legs. Before establishing Terraweena Boer Goat Stud, Australian Breeding Services (ABS) had been to Africa to procure the blood lines and added studs from Jackie Jordaan, Nico Botha, Danie Schoeman Dawie van Zyl, Boetie Malan and Lukas Burger.

Terraweena Boer Goat Stud offers a source of quality crossbred goats. The Terraweena Boer goats are the result of crossing Australia’s ‘feral goats’ or domestic goats with fullblood Boer goats. These animals are particularly productive, robust and are a reasonable alternative to the fullblood breed of Boer goats. The protein level in the Terraweena Boer goat meat is much higher than the protein level in red meat. As a result, there is a greater demand for these goats across the world.

Terraweena Boer Goat Stud breeds Boer goats in compliance with export protocol. The Terraweena Boer goat is available throughout the year for inspection. Terraweena Boer Goat Stud requests clients to fix an appointment before coming for inspection.

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