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Concrete tops from Terry Miller Concrete Tanks

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Terry Miller Concrete Tanks  undertakes concrete work in accordance with the needs of ASA Concrete Structures Code ASA 3600, Building Codes B1 and B2 and ASA 3755 Concrete Structures for retaining liquids. Terry Miller Concrete Tanks uses wooden blocks to support the inner wall of the base. The wooden blocks which are used as a support are removed as soon as the floor of the tank is poured.

The quantity and strength of the mesh that are used in the tank construction is dependent upon the ultimate load bearing weight of the tank. Additional mesh is used if the concrete top requires taking more weight. The roof of the concrete tanks is heavy duty galvanised with pitched steel roof.

The floor of the rank is inclined into a 90 millimetre drain plug which allows the tank to be cleaned methodically. Terry Miller Concrete Tanks constructs concrete tops with 20 tonne load rating. These load bearing tops are well suited for partially buried or fully underground tanks. The flat surface of the concrete tops constructed by Terry Miller Concrete Tanks can also be used as a patio or barbecue area.

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