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Association promotes and registers dairy goats

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article image Dairy goats are catered for by AADG

The Australian Association for Dairy Goats (AADG) was formed eight years ago, and works on behalf of its members to promote dairy producing goats.  

AADG is responsible for registering dairy goats both within Australia and overseas.

This register promotes the breeding of a vast range of high quality goat breeds that are capable of producing superior dairy products.

These include Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, Anglo Nubian, Australian Black, Australian Brown, Australian Splash and Australian Sables.

There is also a list of breeds that are on the experimental register, and are referred to as AOV’s, or ‘any other variety.’

AADG takes into account the needs and ideas of its members when developing promotional campaigns and events.

Members are encouraged to show their dairy goats at farm fairs and exhibitions to enhance awareness of their dairy producing abilities.

AADG is a part of Livestock Registries, a facility that allows members to register their dairy goats in a highly efficient, convenient manner via the internet.

AADG has carried out DNA profiling of many herds, an act that determines whether stock are pure and of a high quality.

This futher promotes the breed as it strengthens their reputation domestically and internationally.

The AADG website has been formulated with dairy goat breeders in mind, as it features a breeder’s directory and classified section that allows members to search for dairy goat breeders and sell and purchase dairy goats.

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