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BREEDPLAN followed at The Blonde d'Aquitaine Society

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The Blonde d'Aquitaine Society  follows effective and calculated BREEDPLAN and Estimated Breed Values (EBVs) to know the performance of cattle. The heritability that results with the EBVs of each trait and the relationship between the different traits are used for genetic evaluation model.

Every breed in Australia use BREEDPLAN with genetic evaluation system that has been integrated with the respective breed association’s pedigree system. Thus significant genetic improvements provided by The Blonde d’Aquitaine Society are suitable for each trait gets a commercial importance.

Since BREEDPLAN is one of the advanced genetic evaluation system being used in cattle industry. Customers can also use Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) technology that can give the exact EBVs for a range of cattle and its importance in producing its traits.

The Blonde d’Aquitaine Society uses BREEDPLAN software that was developed focusing animal genetics and breeding unit (AGBU). This technology is being marketed across the Agricultural Business Research Institute. EBVs are the animal’s breeding value that can be defined as the genetic merit given to each trait. EBVs can be expressed as the basic genetic difference found among each individual animal. EBVs are reported in terms of kilogram for the weight.

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