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Healthy cattle breeds from The Blonde d'Aquitaine Society

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The Blonde d'Aquitaine Society  provide healthy Blonde d'Aquitaine breeds that can produce high yielding beef carcasses. Each Blonde d'Aquitaine sire can produce slender calves with heavy muscle patterns. These Blonde d'Aquitaine sires are suitable to mate with British-cross females like Angus, Shorthorn or Hereford, Murray Grey, or their crosses. The progeny calves will perform well in both beef market and store of feeder markets. Today, beef producers are using Blonde d'Aquitaine bulls as an underline business as it increases sales.

Blonde d'Aquitaine animals are heat tolerant and can grow in good length. They have good hybrid vigor and can produce high yielding of carcasses as they weigh extra at weaning. Other features of Blonde d'Aquitaine include easy calving, heavy muscle, better dressing percentages. These breed provide profitable yield for breeders and butchers.

Earlier Blonde d'Aquitaine was used as working animals until the end of the Second World War. This resulted in the development of big eye muscles and rump. They also show variation in colours ranging from almost white to tan. According to The Blonde d'Aquitaine Society, there are over 2000 active purebred females spread throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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