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Davey Submersible pumps from The Boreman

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Water bores, provided by The Boreman , are constructed and installed by licensed drillers. The construction of these bores complies by all the standards set by the Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADA). The components that go into the construction of the water bores are gate valves, heavy duty plastic boxes, heavy duty orange electrical cables, optional pressure relief valves and stainless steel safety cables.

The Boreman utilises fine pump systems while installing water bores at customer locations. The Boreman ensures that the correct pump size is installed as per the requirements. The Boreman supplies and installs Davey Submersible pumps. Davey offers quality submersible pumps to its customers. The Davey Submersible pumps, used by The Boreman, offer reliable designs keeping in mind the harsh Australian conditions.

The Davey Submersible pumps, from The Boreman, are constructed from quality corrosion resistant materials. The pumps and motors of Davey Submersible pumps can be easily serviced. The Davey Submersible pumps, used by The Boreman, consist of high shaft bearings that provide high wear resistance and low friction. The heavy duty stainless steel outer casing shell in the Davey Submersible pumps offer protection and accurate arrangement of internal components.

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