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Breeding procedures from The Meadows Angus

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The Meadows Angus  helps customers to achieve their breeding objectives by providing quality genetics. The Meadows Angus offers appropriate advice with regards to breeding processes and in the selection of genetics. The main aim of The Meadows Angus is to produce competent, high yielding marbling steers for feedlot businesses and at the same time, produce structurally sound productive females as per clients’ requirements.

To meet the current demand for marbling steers, The Meadows Angus produces a variety of Angus bulls. The Meadows Angus also provides other producers with HBR and APR bulls to improve their herds and thus, increase the demand for cattle. The Meadows Angus has sourced its bulls from Millah Murrah, Karoo and Ardrossan genetics, with the help of fine lineage from the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

The Meadows Angus, at present, breeds about 700 Angus females, resulting in the birth of more than a hundred registered calves a year. In order to produce better off-springs like the Flower S110, Helen T78, Abigail T158, Honey S125 and Abigail S104, the Meadows Angus use Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) methods, based on the Millah Murrah programmes.

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