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The Middle Way supports environmentally sustainable agriculture

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Carbon management (measurement, reduction, reporting of greenhouse gas emissions) is a core part of environmentally sustainable agriculture. Agriculture accounts for 16 % of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Roughly two thirds of this comes from livestock (as a result of enteric fermentation and manure management).

The Federal Government requires companies to report carbon emissions (which exceed certain thresholds) from activities such as lighting, refrigeration, machinery and transport.
Its proposed Carbon Farming Initiative offers opportunities for farmers to take part in more sustainable agriculture and to generate carbon credits from specified abatement activities, such as modifying manure or livestock management practices.

These credits will be able to be sold through international and national carbon markets. In addition, it is likely that the Australian Government will soon put a price on carbon.

Environmental Consultants, The Middle Way consultants support environmentally sustainable agriculture. They work with farmers to:

  • Measure and report on carbon emissions and energy consumption consistent with government requirements and recognised frameworks such as ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project.
  • Measure product carbon footprints and participate in carbon labelling schemes.
  • Communicate about environmental sustainability, for example, through environmental and sustainability reporting.
  • Assess carbon emissions from enteric fermentation and manure management systems, and evaluate abatement options.
  • Prepare for the Carbon Farming Initiative.
  • Understand potential climate change impacts, assessing risks and opportunities.

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