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STOU 20w40 universal farm oil available from The Oilman Group

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STOU 20w40 farm oil is a super tractor oil from The Oilman Group that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of modern farming vehicles and equipment.  

The farm oil has been designed to lubricate all farm tractor and vehicle systems.  It is blended as an engine oil and contains frictional additives that suit wet brake and hydraulic applications.  

The STOU 20w48 universal farm oil is suitable for:

  • petrol engines
  • diesel engines
  • transmissions
  • hydraulic systems
  • final drives
  • powers steering systems
  • hydrostatics
  • power take off
  • farm tractors 
  • agricultural implements  
The phosphorous levels of the farm lubricant are low and meet the requirements of Australian vehicle manufacturers.  The oil offers anti-squawk characteristics and very high in gear performance.  

The farm oil is available to purchase in  20 litre and 200 litre drums and meets or exceeds the specifications of a variety of vehicle manufacturers and users including:

  • John Deere Hygard, J20C, JD27A
  • Massy Ferguson MF1139, MF1144
  • Ford/New Holland M2C-1 59A, M2C-1 59B
  • Case JIC185, MS1206  
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